Modbox's December Beauty Box

By now I'm sure most of you here are aware of another beauty box which made it's entrance to Malaysia. Am I right? Now wondering which is this? I'll give you a hint..starts with M and ends with X. Alright, yes it's called Modbox. As I'm currently going crazy over this beauty box especially for the surprise factor it gives me, I decided to purchase this as well.

Now, did I actually tell you that I've actually shipped this to my office? So when the mailing room called to say that I have a courier, automatically I'm back fresh. Took it and during my break, just couldn't wait to open them. Now, I think the owner of Modbox is also someone who loves the colour purple, just like me! Those who are close to me will surely tell you that I go head over heels with the shade of purple. So why am I talking about purple? See it yourself here :-)

The moment I opened the box, I was greeted with such a heavenly smell. I can't really recall what smell is that but it was just right. And guess what, Modbox too decided to surprise their customers with a Christmas themed box. Now, does it look cute? It's beautiful right and it's actually a hair pin. What I really liked was the hand written note in the box. It gives a more personalised feel and look.  

 Yes, I know you would want to see what's actually inside the box..So here you go..

Juice Beauty's Nutrient Moisturiser and Green Apple Peel 

Himalaya's Honey & Cream Body Wash and Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

Skin79's Diamond The Prestige BB Cream

LuView's Glossy Kiss
Boy was I happy with this box? I certainly did as since it's a new service and seeing what they have in the box, I surely feel that they'll bring in more surprises to us. 


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