WonderBox's December Beauty Box

Firstly, so sorry for posting this post slightly later than expected. I've been really busy with work since i was going on year end leave from the 21st December. And now since I'm on break, I have ample of time to write and share with you things that have surely surprised me.

So ladies, are you ready to have a look on what December's Wonderbox contains? My first glimpse at the box surely made me go 'WoW, such a beautiful bow out there'. Yes, as it was the month of Christmas, the Wonderbox team paid attention to the details by having a red bow and mine came with a bell attached to it.

Now, what's the content of the box? The moment I opened the box, it was filled right till the top and the Christmas themed card greeted me.

Surprised with the content? I was actually as it contained things that I wanted to always try such as the Kerastase shampoo and the Gamila Secret Cleansing Bar. I've actually received the Gamila Cleansing Bar in my Vanity Trove box before but that was the Lavender scented one.

Kerastase's Luminous Softening Shampoo& Treatment Masque

Clinelle's Eye Bright and Purifying Toner

OPI Shatter Nail Lacquer in Silver

Gamila Secret's Cleansing Bar in Original

It's really really worth it and I'm so happy with the things that Wonderbox team has got us as Christmas surprises. I sincerely hope that they'll keep up this good work and reach their goals too.


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