Welcoming VanityTrove Malaysia

I'm sure most of you here are aware of the concept of beauty boxes. In brief, you have a few amount of deluxe or sample size beauty products in a box which is delivered to your door steps monthly with a certain amount of payment and the thrill of this is the surprise element involved in it as you never knows what's in your box till you receive them.

The first beauty box services that started shipping to Malaysia was VanityTrove from Singapore. You would have seen my blog post about VanityTrove's boxes. And within months we started having various other beauty boxes in Malaysia itself. But I used to still wonder on why we don't have VanityTrove Malaysia, as this means that they'll be able to bring in more products or the coupons given will be for Malaysia based services. 

Ta da! My wish was answered and now we have our very own VanityTrove Malaysia. Now wondering how it works? Just follow the simple steps as below:
  1. Sign up for an account and subscribe to the service on www.VanityTrove.com/my for the monthly subscription fee of RM60/- (inclusive of packing, shipping & handling fees) or choose the 3, 6, 12 months subscription options to get credits that goes towards redeeming a complimentary trove!
  2. Receive each month’s edition before the month starts. (You’ll get March’s themed trove by end of February!)
  3. Receive the troves hand-delivered to you and enjoy the beautiful surprises within it! Try and share it with your beauty buddies.

    Remember you can also surprise others with this trove. And I believe gals just love being surprised and pampered and you can never go wrong with beauty products.

    So why wait? Sign up now before it's late. How? Just click the links below for more and more information.





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