MIVVA BeautyBox Invitation Code

oOo wow..remember about the new beauty box that I was talking about earlier? Yeah, MIVVA beauty box. As mentioned it's one of the new beauty box with a great beauty portal with articles and videos. And guess what? They'll be launching their debut MIVVA box.

Apparently, you only need to pay RM 38 per month and you get 5 to 6 beauty products in your surprise box. And what's even more interesting is that as they are launching it during the christmas month, they have also packed some surprises in it.

Now you have no idea how excited I am and i can't just wait for it to arrive so that i can unbox them. It will be one of the best thing to do and yup helps me reduce my stress level too.

Alright, how do you subscribe for it? As it's the debut box and they have limited quantity, they are only opened for members only. So all you have to do is click this link and key in the MIVVA BeautyBox Invitation Code as 'DiscoverMIVVA'

You can also use my referral link (http://www.mivva.com/join/b65d3bed66ea)


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