Vanity Trove March - Temptress Seduction

This is the second box from Vanity Trove Malaysia and the hopes were certainly high from a lot of them out there too. And yes it included me too. I was waiting anxiously to know what's the content this time and how it would seduce me, yes right with the theme 'Temptress Seduction'. So what they has this time and did they make the mark? Judge it yourself :-)

1) Asian Potion - Blooming Ginger Body Lotion

"Said to be made from natural flowers, fruits and plant essences and helps to make your skin feel moisturised and firm. This is the perfect skin quencher that provides you with a deep inner calmness after a long day"

There was also a 10% discount voucher from Asian Potion.
I love lotions and always welcome beauty boxes which includes any sort of lotions. So this is also my favourite.

2) Timeless Truth - TT Orchid Extract Whitening Mask.

"It's said to be made from orchid, purple peril and chamomile extracts and will help you whiten, brighten and moisturise your skin. And they have also included a 20% discount voucher."

I guess this immediately won my heart, having to know that it's one the brand available at Burj Al-Arab.

3) Kanebo - Skin Fusing Powder Foundation

"Provides a natural coverage and ensures a shine-free appearance with its SPF 20 PA++ powder formula. Instead of staying as a thick layer of makeup, this foundation blends and melts into your skin when applied"

They have also included some sachets of Smoothing Makeup Base and also a voucher for a 45 minutes Vivid Color Purification Makeup lesson or a makeover with Kanebo. With this size of sample, Im not sure how relevant it is and I'm not so much of a foundation fan.

4) Etre Belle - Sensiplus Hydrasilk Gel Tonic & Sensiplus Hydrasilk Day & Night Cream

"This is specially for the ladies with sensitive skin. The Gel Tonic works to sooth and moisturise one's delicate and irritated skin. And the Day & Night Cream protects allergy-prone skin against environmental stressors and helps to relieve itching and irritation of skin"

5) Bio - Essence - Bio Energy Firm & Brighten Eye Cream

" An eye cream with SPF 15 and something certainly any ladies would need to care their eyes"

Overall, I'm glad that Vanity Trove is making efforts to bring in more brands for us to try such as Asian Potions and Timeless Truth. I'm happy with this new brands that i'm aware now.

Want to sign up and own your own trove? Just click the links below :-)

"Disclaimer: This box was send to me for a review. However, This does not affect my opinion in any way"


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