MAC: Eye Set

While walking around Mid Valley few weeks back, I just thought of going to the MAC store to check out if there’s anything new or perhaps to check if the set my colleague told me was there or not. Now wondering what set is that? Well, MAC had this particular eye set which comes with an eye primer/strengthener, eye mascara, eye liner and eye makeup remover. And guess how much was it? It was only RM 115.  So since it was worth it, of course I didn’t want to miss my chance to grab a set of it. Again it contained all the below items.
  • MAC Prep + Prime Lash
  • MAC Zoom Lash in Zoomblack
  • MAC Softsparkle Eye Pencil in Nightsky
  • MAC Pro Eye Makeup Remover

Am not really sure if they still have this set but what you can do is just to call any of the MAC store and ask them for this eye set. If they still do, please ask them to reserve for you as its finishing fast.


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