Maybelline's Hyper Sharp Liner - Making Wing Forever In Style

I'm currently in the mission to search for the best eye liner and I'm sure you would have realised that recently a few of the cosmetics brand was releasing their new version of the eye liners at the same time. And I of course got my hands on the famous Hyper Sharp Liner by Maybelline. I was actually contemplating whether to get the black colour or the brown one but since I have a few other liners in black, I decided to give the brown one a try.

This eye liner has a very thin tip point of only 0.01mm much thinner then most of the eye liner I have and this means you'll be able to draw the most thinnest line with this eye liner and build up to the thickness that you desire. This is a pen liquid liner type which means the lines that you draw will appear very need too and at the same time more defined. 

The colour I chose which is brown is able to actually provide a much softer line due to the colour intensity compared to black liners that are more bold. And what actually amuse me was the pigmentation of the brown colour that was able to still show up on my brown toned skin. So to those Indian gals out there or any brown skin toned lovely out there, this colour will be able to suit you just fine believe me.

You can get their in any Watson or Guardian store and it retails at only RM 35.90 each. 

Just me playing around with the pen. It's so easy to draw with it, which also means that you'll be able to draw the perfect wing at the shortest time.


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