Get The Scars & Bruises Fade Away...

Quite some time back I participated in a contest Hiruscar. I remember it was something about a scar that has a story to tell. Well, I didn't win the contest but I was certainly glad that I participated. Anyway months went by and one fine day I was surprised by a box that arrived at my door step and I contained all Hiruscar products for me to try. I don't really have any scar myself but I've planned to use it on my dad and see how the miracle works.

To share with you guys on my first product 'Hiruscar Gel', Hiruscar Gel is a revolutionaised 2 in 1 Recovery System scar care product. This product is newly formulated in Switzerland and has the ability to penetrate deep into our skin to regulate the re-generation of collagen to smooth and soften any scar tissues. It also contains natural ingredients to moisturise and protect the scar and further lighten the colour of the skin tissue to help to restore it to a more natural appearance. And you the best thing is that you can apply them on both new and also matured scar.

The second product that I'll be talking about here is on 'Hirudoid'.Hirudoid can be used on bruises, sprains and swelling. Or for some of us who has pain in the muscles and tendons, you can also you them to reduce the pain. What I also heard is that Hirudoid cream also helps in the inflammatory conditions of varicose veins

You can get both items in our local pharmacies and I believe that both are reasonably priced and can be brought for further scar scar. Remember it applies for both new and old scars too :-)

OoO and how can I not forget to mention about this special butterfly bookmark that I got from the team. Im someone who loves reading books and magazines so this will surely be a lot of a help for me. Thanks guys!


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