Benefit's They're Real Push Up Liner

It's been a while since I blogged actively. Not that I've not been buying cosmetics but perhaps it was more to that I didn't have much space to pen down my thoughts. Apologies gals but I'm back again for good!

So I guess the best way to start my blog again is to introduce the hottest, yes I DO REALLY mean the hottest thing in town, "Benefit's They're Real Push Up Liner". They are out at all the Benefit's worldwide counters beginning 27 June 2014. But there was a flash sale at Sephora KLCC earlier and they had limited quantity for sale. I made sure I went there to get mine so that I can share it with you guys.

Now "push up"? Push up what you wonder? Have a look at the liner below. Firstly the packaging is simply slick I would say and it's slim that you can carry it around easily. And oo yea it's a screw cover which means you need to unscrew the cover to open them.

The tip if you could see from the photo below is pointy and is a rubbery texture called accuflex tip. This tip actually helps you line your lid without leaving any gaps. To release the product, you just need to twist below just 2 times and not more than that. Once released, just hold them and go to the base of your lash and line them as desired.

The results of this will be a dark black liner as you see below. Trust me it's something you'll like and also a straight line that you'll be proud of. However you'll need some practice to keep this working for you. Oo and another thing, remember to keep the caps closed very tightly as it does get dried up quite fast.

As I purchased this during their soft launch I would say in Sephora, Sephora was kind enough to give us the goodies below. Thanks Sephora for the love!! I'll come them in my other post.


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