Fall asleep with The Body Shop's Deep Sleep

With the current lifestyle that we all have, stress has become something so usual and most of us go through that. And stress then just disturbs our sleep. Now well not only stress disturbs our sleep but sometimes our minds just end up wondering around when it supposed to rest. Wondering why am I talking about sleep now?

Having a good night sleep is really important for any individual. It helps to recover your body after a long day at work, gets your mind to rest and of course sleep is also important for a healthy body and mind, and body includes skin right. I've also had problem sleeping at night and it feels worst when I need to wake up pretty early the next morning. People say, try counting the sheeps and you'll fall asleep. Haha, it never works.

But I was pretty lucky when I bumped into The Body Shop's Deep Sleep Dreamy Pillow & Body Mist. This mist is made of jujube date extract, camomile and blended essential oils. This quick drying mist allows you to have a good night sleep and you wake up the next day feeling super refreshed.

Now how do you use it? Pretty simple. Before getting to bed, all I do is to spray this mist to my pillow and get to bed straight away. Smelling the wonderful smell automatically gives you the relaxed feeling and you then fall asleep much faster. I'm saying this based on my experience using them in a few occasion. Now I don't have any worry because when I'm restless and unable to sleep, I just need to spray this to my pillow.

Thanks The Body Shop for coming up with the amazing formula.



  1. Cha think it cud work 4 a pregnant woman:}...i might give it a try

  2. Ooo,Congrats dear! So happy for your :-). It may work i guess and scents generally calms you down :)


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