Esmeria Organics - Prickly Pear Range

Quite sometime back, I received this particular travel sized product through Wonderbox subscription. I kept thinking if I should give it a try as it's an organic skincare. Well since it's something unique and I also got something that suits my skin (yes! it was for normal to combination skin), I immediately dived into trying this new range 'Prickly Pear Facial Travel Set'.

This travel set came with the following product:
i) Balancing Cleansing Gel
ii) Balancing Toner
iii) Moisturiser

Let's look at the product one by one.

Prickly Pear Balancing Cleansing Gel
It contained mild sugar and amino acid derived cleansing agents to remove dirt and pollution while the Alphine Willowherb and Mexican Prickly Pear in it regulates sebum secretion and at the same time soothes and protects against any environmental stress factors. This is the first step where you need to cleanse using this gel. The texture is slightly different that other skincare, as it's more liquid based, but it did it's job by providing good cleansing experience and a lil' bit of the the liquid will do.

Prickly Pear Balancing Toner.
The next step after cleansing is of course clearing your face with the toner. The Mexican Prickly Pear was said to offer soothing effects and skin firming properties. Where else the Willowherb, Butterfly Bush and Common Thyme was supposed to inhibit sebum productions and act as a free radical shield. The very first time I started using this, I felt perfectly find and it did really clear my face well and over the period of usage, I felt that my skin is much firmer. It smells good too and since it's from the organic range, its surely good for your skin.

Prickly Pear Moisturiser
The last step will be of course putting the moisturiser on. Esmeria's moisturiser is said to boost skin's immune system and at the same time offer a good moistured skin without shine and UV protection. Now who doesn't want that type of skin right. I like using this moisturiser as it doesn't turn my face oily and instead makes my face feel so soft and fine.

I've been using this travel set for a while now and from the first time of use, I've not got any pimples or skin problems which means it's definitely a product that you can give a try if you have combination skin like me. And knowing that it's an organic product, it in fact makes me wanna try it more as it's much much saver for your skin.


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