Wonderbox February Edition - Hot Red!

oOo No, i have beauty boxes filling up the space and I've not done any reviews yet.  So which was is gonna hit the blog first? Erm, I think it should be the one that first arrived right. And it's also one of my favourite? Why? Because they always arrive on time for me (well used too unlike this round) and the way the ribbon is tied and lastly the small details that they like to include (eg. the flowers that they have included this time around). Somehow this round, I believe that I was in the second group of shipping as I got my box way later than others. And by the time I got it, it was not a surprise anymore as a lot of them starting posting up the photos out there. I guess this company sends their boxes in stages.

Anyway, that aside, beauty boxes never fails to make me happy when I get to open them. So what do they have stored this time around? See below ladies.. Yes, this box was filled till the very top :-)

Time to given a much closer look..

Clinelle Moisture Booster (20 ml)
Said to provide a natural recovery properties and maintains our skin hydration at an optimal level. It's also oil-free and helps to promote instant moisture penetration to sooth the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

H2O Face Oasis Dual Action Exfoliating Cleanser (30 ml)
Said to deeply cleanse and revitalise the skin with it's oil free formula. This cleanser is made from natural fruit enzymes, jojoba beads and moisturising marine botanicals.

H2O Marine Toner (30 ml)
It's a alcohol free toner which helps to sweep away impurities while improving the moisture absorption. This toner containers Allantoin, Provitamin B and also the hydrating Marine Blend.

Murad's T-Zone Pore Refining Gel (3.7 ml)
This gel helps to clear pores while balancing oil and dry zones and it's said to also reduce the size of the pore for a flawless skin complexion.

Murad's Energising Pomegranate Moisturiser (30 ml)
It's a lightweight and oil free moisturiser which infuses skin with hydration and also assists in protecting our skin against the UVA/UVB rays.

Jacqueline Burchell Nail Lacquer (5 ml)
Said to be a wonderful nail lacquer with over 250 colours to choose from. I got the colour 'Speed of Light'. You can refer to their website and you'll see that all their colours have wonderful names.

That concludes the items in this box. Somehow most of the items in this box was mostly skincare and I feel that they should be a mix of both at times as you get slightly bored seeing the same range right. But having said that there are some items that I'm happy that I got in my box like the Energizing Pomegranate Moisturiser and Jacqueline Burchell Nail Lacquer.


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