Yup, Im back :-)

Well well, i know that it has been a while, i mean really really a while since i last posted. Tight schedules and sometimes wondering what to post is some of the reasons of course but here am i back once again with my reviews and my tales. But before that, let me tell you the differences that you may see soon on this blog. I know there's tones of blogs out there which focus on certain specified areas like food, makeup, clothing's, and etc.

'Shopaholic Voices' started out as a makeup related blog as well but this year after much thinking and planning and points from friends, i have decided to make it a blog that's user friendly in terms of information. Confused? Neh, its easy to digest. :) This blog is going to transform from a just makeup related blog to a blog which contains information about everything under the sun that might interest you and me! Yup, a blog that may give you most of the information that you need under one roof. :)

If you have any new suggestions or just anything to let me know, just email me at shopaholicvoices@yahoo.com


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